Saturday, 20 July 2013


How stupid you are. How stupid you are to think people actually care about you.

When someone who never really texts you to ask how you are but suddenly text saying they do but in the end you can see it all was just a big fat lie. The text is only for his/her friend because you did not get well with that friend and he/she asking you to work things out with that friend. When clearly, that friend is the one who is ignoring you.
How original.

Or maybe,
someone who suddenly turns cold towards you because you refuse to be friend with his/her friend because it is his/her ex. What's the problem? That in this case, this 'someone' is your boyfriend. And this friend/ex of his also said she needs 'time' to be friend with you.

Why do they see it like it's your fault? Why can't they understand you? It's a two way situation okay. They don't want to be friend with you, and why would you?

One thing I've learnt, if people don't have the effort to care about you, why would you? Especially after you're the only who has been trying to work things out. Why waste your time anymore? Good enough you've waste it in the first place.

By this time, you can clearly see what kind these people are. And you just decided to stop care. Like, whatever.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Meet my man. Yeah. MAN. Hahaha but most important, MY.
He's one tough guy. Well, according to him.
For me he's just fat and and boroi who just got a big arm because of the fat.
He's quite kind. Yeah, quite. He likes to bully and make me jealous by talk about better things other women have. Though I know he's right but I'll just act all jealous so that he'll comfort me. Tehee.
Of course MOST of the times he'll just ignore me and left me jealous in sad condition all by myself.
So, that's why, quite kind.
For your info, he is kind to ALL women. Including when we first met. Like, the most kind of all who will makes your heart melt right when he started talking. Sheesh. Guys with their sweet talk.

He likes to be proud of himself. Acting all tough. Makes me wanna puke.
Because I know he is not :D
He is a disaster in taking pictures. His pictures will turned out to be blurred.
Kalau ada flash okay. Kalau guna night mode, harapan.
Ada hati nak guna polaroid. Rosak.

Sometimes he is still the sweetest person I know. Makes my heart pounds like crazy, butterflies in stomach.
Sometimes, just a pain in the ass.
I know, me too.
But when I act all sweet he'll get all weird asking why I'm so gedik. Pffft.
Yeah. We do get in a fight sometimes. Like huge sampai taknak cakap.
MOST of the times it's his fault.
But that is the life kan? Kalau tak gaduh langsung takda la ups and downs hihi.
I hope things will turn out well and we'll take a good care of each other.

Sweet kannnnnnnn :*

See, merosakkan gambar.
Camna la nak tangkap gambar kahwin.
Oppss :P

Saja procrastinating taknak study by posting rubbish.
Sweet rubbish kan tehee :P

Friday, 28 June 2013

When. What. How.

When everything doesn't goes as you imagine it'd be. As you wanted.

When everyone doesn't turn out to be what you thought they'd be. As you hoped.

When things easily became what you afraid it'd be.

When all the blames are on you. People said it is. You thought it is.

But you know it's not you. Because you're affected the most. You know what you did. You realize you did nothing wrong. You know it's not you.

But you keep thinking otherwise for the sake of others. Thinking, maybe they're right. And all the possibilities keep coming in.

But your feelings, your guts, knows best.

So here you are. Feeling all by yourself. Feeling stupid yet? Where is you knight shining armor whom you devote so much, who is going to save you?

At least that how you imagine it would be.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Poker face.

Tau tak keadaan tu, bila lagu tu tak bagi apa-apa maksud, bila keluar kat radio, terus tukar channel. Tapi pada suatu situasi tu, bila lagu tu dimainkan kat radio, lagu tu terus masuk dalam kehidupan kita, masuk hati, keluar kat mata dalam liquid state.

"I wish that I could stop loving you so much
Cause I'm the only one that's trying to keep us together
When all of the signs say that I should forget her
I wish you weren't the best, the best I ever had
I wish that the good outweighed the bad
Cause it'll never be over, until you tell me it's over"

Ya. Aku tak minat langsung lagu yang tengah popular yang tengah famous tengah typical sangat sekarang ni. Lagi-lagi rap. Kecuali Pitbull atau Ludacris.

So. Tau tak keadaan tu? Taktau takpa. Buat-buat pernah rasa la.

Lagi satu. Tau tak juga, bila kau dah get all your hopes up dengan orang lain, dah prepare macam-macam, tapi end up tak jadi sebab orang tu. Disappointment tu tau tak? Tak juga? Bertuah hidup kau kalau tak tau. Jealous dah. Aku dah taknak rasa tu. Penat. Banyak kali sangat. Lima tahun tapi tak reti nak belajar. Mungkin kerana setiap kali, aku rasa takdanya jadi dah. Mesti workout ni. Cepat sangat berharap. Tak sedar dunia ni semua orang mengecewakan. Diri sendiri pun sama.

Pastu, taktau nak kata apa, end up mengarut kat sini. Luahkan balik kat blog yang lama dilupakan. Bila camni baru datang sini balik. Bodoh sangat aku ni. 

Aku tau bukan salah orang tu. Kata dah, aku ni je. Bodoh, tak reti control perasaan. Tak fikir. Tapi tipu la kalau aku kata aku takda hopes dah. Segelintir lagi still harap kalau orang lain boleh faham, tak fikir diri sendiri je, fikir juga pasal aku, pasal orang lain juga, umur bukan sepuluh tahun lagi. Tolong please.

Okay. Bye. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Truth in life.

This! Is so true :D How I love this.