Saturday, 20 July 2013


How stupid you are. How stupid you are to think people actually care about you.

When someone who never really texts you to ask how you are but suddenly text saying they do but in the end you can see it all was just a big fat lie. The text is only for his/her friend because you did not get well with that friend and he/she asking you to work things out with that friend. When clearly, that friend is the one who is ignoring you.
How original.

Or maybe,
someone who suddenly turns cold towards you because you refuse to be friend with his/her friend because it is his/her ex. What's the problem? That in this case, this 'someone' is your boyfriend. And this friend/ex of his also said she needs 'time' to be friend with you.

Why do they see it like it's your fault? Why can't they understand you? It's a two way situation okay. They don't want to be friend with you, and why would you?

One thing I've learnt, if people don't have the effort to care about you, why would you? Especially after you're the only who has been trying to work things out. Why waste your time anymore? Good enough you've waste it in the first place.

By this time, you can clearly see what kind these people are. And you just decided to stop care. Like, whatever.

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